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Item Code R=002  
Price per Pcs. 5.88   USD Approx. Wt. 2.20 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code R=012  
Price per Pcs. 7.3   USD Approx. Wt. 4.50 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code BRC-003  
Price per Pcs 48.23   USD Approx. Wt. 17.2 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code NS-009  
Price per Pcs. 300.58   USD Approx. Wt. 93 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code NS-020  
Price per Pcs. 338.95   USD Approx. Wt. 180.30 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code R=050  
Price per Pcs. 9.21   USD Approx. Wt. 3.50 
Min. Qty

Item Code PNS-007  
Min. Qty

Item Code ER-010  
Price per Pcs. 17.44   USD Approx. Wt. 4.10 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code ER-041  
Price per Pcs. 46.51   USD Approx. Wt. 7.50 Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code HA=003  
Price per Gms. 2.91   USD Approx. Wt. 222.70  Grams
Min. Qty

Item Code Brc-005  
Price per Pcs 55.12   USD
Min. Qty

Item Code Brc-006  
Price per Pcs 20.7   USD
Min. Qty

Item Code Brc-009  
Price per Pcs 39.77   USD
Min. Qty

Item Code NS-021  
Min. Qty

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